Account Listing Methods


API Method = GetAccount

The getAccount method is an endpoint that is part of an API and is used to retrieve information about a specific account in a system, in this case, in Fitbank. It allows the user to obtain a set of information about the account, such as the current balance, the account status, the account type, account owner information, among other relevant information. It is an important functionality for account management and monitoring, as it allows the user to access real-time updated data.

"Method":"", Required
"PartnerId":"", Required
"BusinessUnitId":"", Required

"Method": "GetAccount",
"PartnerId": 510,
"BusinessUnitId": 518,
"AccountKey": "615103-527898-3642786-1"

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API Method = GetAccountList

The getAccountList method is an endpoint within the Fitbank API that retrieves information about a set of accounts within a specific Business Unit. This method provides the user with a comprehensive set of information about each account, including the account status, account type, and account owner details. With this functionality, users can easily manage and monitor multiple accounts in real-time, making it an essential tool for effective account management.

  "Method": "GetAccountList",
  "PartnerId": 30589,
  "BusinessUnitId": 60797,
  "PageSize": "3",
  "Index": "2",
  "DateFilterGE": "2023-01-02"
  "Success": true,
  "AccountListData": [
      "Name": "Name",
      "NickName": null,
      "Mail": "[email protected]",
      "Phone": "(99) 99999-9999",
      "Identifier": 182211,
      "AccountKey": null,
      "TradingName": "name",
      "TaxNumber": "30934646000107",
      "Bank": null,
      "BankAccount": null,
      "BankBranch": null,
      "BankAccountDigit": null,
      "AccountValue": 0,
      "LastTransactionDate": "2022-08-18 04:48:34"
  "TotalAccountsValue": 0

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API Method = CheckAccountPerson

The CheckAccountPerson method verifies if there is a person associated with a given account, using filters such as CPF or phone number. This method allows users to quickly and accurately confirm the identity of individuals associated with specific accounts, ensuring secure and reliable account management. By leveraging the CPF and phone number filters, users can efficiently identify and address any discrepancies or issues related to account ownership or activity. The CheckAccountPerson method is an important tool for ensuring the integrity and security of account management processes.

  “Success”: true,
  “ExistsAccountValid”: true,
  “PersonName”: “Luiz Fernando”
{“Success”: true,
 “ExistsAccountValid”: false,
 “PersonName”: “”


API Method = GetAccountAddress

The GetAccountAddress method retrieves the address associated with a specific account. This method provides users with accurate and up-to-date information on the physical location of the account holder, facilitating effective communication and ensuring efficient account management.

Displays the address registered for that account.

    "Success": "true",
    "Message": [
            "AddressLine": "Avenida Cidade Jardim",
            "AddressLine2": "400",
            "ZipCode": "01448090",
            "Neighborhood": "Jardim Europa",
            "CityName": "São Paulo",
            "State": "SP",
            "Country": "Brasil",
            "Complement": "20 º andar",
            "Reference": null