4 - Receipt and collection

Receiving or collecting money with PIX

PIX can be used to receive or collect money by providing the payer a Key or a Hash Code (QrCode or copy and paste “Copia e Cola”), with static or dynamic information.

When requesting a collection or receiving money (PixIn) the client application receives the user’s request and sends it to our API. FitBank communicates with the central bank (Banco Central) and contacts the payment institution, which will transfer the money to the recipient's account.

When the transaction by the payer is completed, the amount will be immediately forwarded to the receiver's account, in addition to receiving a notification via Webhook about the PIX Receipt.

It is not necessary to have a registered PIX Key to receive a PIX.

PixIn Status:

  • Created: The PIX Receipt was credited to the receiving account
  • Settled or Paid: Settled transaction

Important: These statuses are both returned through webhooks and APIs. However, it's important to note that, while status Paid is returned through webhooks, status Settled is returned through APIs. Their function and meaning is the same, since they both indicate that the PIX was settled on the destinated account.