2.3 Cancel Pix Key

Cancelling a PIX key inside FitBank

Cancel PIX keys

API Method = CancelPixKey

This method is used when the user needs to disassociate a certain PIX key that was previously linked to an account. After successfully cancelling a PIX key in FitBank, it will change to status Canceled.

Important: It is not possible to cancel a PIX key in the following statuses:

ErrorOwnership, ErrorPortability, Claiming, Error, Canceled and Disabled.

	"Method": "CancelPixKey",
	"PartnerId": 30500,
	"BusinessUnitId": 51062,
	"PixKey": "66228808000139",
	"TaxNumber": "98477626006",
	"PixKeyType": 0,
	"Bank": "450",
	"BankBranch": "1234",
	"BankAccount": "56789",
	"BankAccountDigit": "1"


MethodMethod to be usedYESSTRING
PartnerIdInformation provided by FitBankYESINT
BusinessUnitIdInformation provided by FitBankYESINT
TaxNumberCPF/CNPJ of who has the PIX keyYESSTRING
PixKeyTypeSocialSecurity = 0 TaxNumber = 1 E-mail = 2 PhoneNumber = 3 RandomKeyCode = 4YESINT
BankBank Code (Ex.: “450”)YESSTRING
BankBranchBank Agency Code (Ex.: “0001”)YESSTRING
BankAccountBank Account (Ex.: “146492”)YESSTRING
BankAccountDigitBank Account Digit (Ex.: “1”)YESSTRING