3 - Functionalities

These are some of the features available in FitBank's Future Posting Platform:

Request for a Future Posting:
GenerateFuturePosting Method where redemption is requested a posting of an amount from one account to another with pre-defined rules for the operating agreement.

Cancellation of a FuturePosting:
CancelFuturePosting Method where the customer may be canceling the charge that is scheduled.

Changing a FuturePosting:
ChangeFuturePosting Method able to change futurePosting fields such as start date, due date, futurePosting amount.

Query FuturePosting:
Methods GetFuturePosting / GetFuturePostingbyid in which futurePosting queries are made, by date or by document number.

Flexible Capture or Originator Rule

There is a way for the futureposting capture to work where only the value that was sent from the specific originator that is configured in the business unit's parameters will be captured. When this functionality is enabled, the futurePosting capture works only when entering values, ignoring what is already in the payer's account.

External Account Transfer:

In the generatefutureposting method we have the field 'automatic type' that enables the transfer to accounts at other institutions. To activate this functionality it is necessary to fill in the field with type '1' and enter the bank account data in the following fields:

Campos da transferência externa: ReceiverBankingData/ BankCode/ BankBranch/ BankAccount/ BankAccountDigit