1 - Overview


FitBank Collection

The FitBank Collection Platform facilitates your company's billing process, allowing it to have access to the management of boletos, split payments and parameterization according to your business rules, with API integration.

We will also offer the beneficiary's client a Boleto Management Portal, where he can issue the 2nd copy of the boleto and view the boletos issued in his name, with no additional cost.


  • Split Payments allows a boleto to be issued with one or more payees;
  • Send reminders to your customers about the issuing and due date of their boletos;
  • Insert a discount for boletos paid by the due date;
  • Set interest and penalties for boletos not paid by the due date;
  • Make changes to your boletos, such as due date, principal value, and rebate value;
  • Payable at any financial institution.

Payment Boleto

Payment Boleto is a collection slip or proposal that can be paid at any financial institution or established. It is used as an instrument of payment for products or services rendered. This document contains information such as the issuing bank; the value of the collection; the due date, and information about the payee and the payer.

There are some kinds of Payment Boleto, among them the Collection Boleto, which we will discuss in the following topics.

Collection Boleto

Collection Boleto (separate) is the type of boleto used for the collection and payment of debts that are arising from obligations of any nature. It is used for one-time payments when there is no periodicity of payment. The payment boleto does not accept partial payments; it is necessary to pay the full value.

Reoccurring collection Boleto

The reoccurring boleto is used when the billing for a given product or service occurs continuously, such as a condominium fee or school monthly payment. To issue it, you only need to inform the number of installments when generating the boleto, thus saving the client time and effort.

Method: GenerateRecurrenceBoleto
Boleto Value: R$20
Number of installments: 15

Thus, 15 boleto installments will be generated, with a value of R$20.00 each. The due date of each boleto will always be one month after the last date.

The customer can parameterize the maximum limit of installments generated in a boleto, and there is no maximum limit for the parameterization. If not parameterized, the default value will be 20 installments.

Who can issue a Boleto?

The issuance of collection slips is a service offered to FitBank clients that need to collect payments for the sale of products or services rendered, whether they are natural person or legal person. With this form of payment receipt, FitBank clients have total control over managing their collections in any situation.

To issue a collection boleto, the original beneficiary of the boleto must have an SPB (Sistema de Pagamentos Brasileiro) account.

How to issue a Boleto?

FitBank has a Portal for the client, where he can issue boletos manually, entering all the necessary information for collection (either collection boleto or reoccurring boleto), or in batch, through CNAB files (Bradesco 400 or Santander 240).

In addition to these two options, the customer can also issue the boleto through our API, by integrating with it.