2.2 - Electronic Payer Exclusion

Electronic Payer Exclusion

The CancelElectronicPayer method is responsible for deleting the Electronic Payer from the DDA. Once the user requests this exclusion, all accounts associated with the TaxNumber provided will be removed from the DDA, so they will no longer have access to consulting boletos issued in their name.

It can take up to 1 day for the user's exclusion as an electronic payer to take effect. Once completed, the user will receive a webhook confirming the exclusion.

  "Method": "CancelElectronicPayer",
  "PartnerId": 212,
  "BusinessUnitId": 26326,
  "TaxNumber": "74625743060"
  "Success": "true",
  "Message": "Solicitação de exclusão de pagador eletrônico realizada com sucesso!"


PartnerIdintegerFitBank provided IDYes
BusinessUnitIdintegerFitBank provided IDYes
TaxNumberstringElectronic Payer's CPF/CNPJYes