API Method = GetAccountEntryPaged

The "getAccountEntryPaged" endpoint is a powerful tool we offer to our clients to efficiently access their financial history. With this service, you can easily retrieve a comprehensive summary of transactions and the current balance of your account.

Key Benefits:

  • Access to Financial History: The endpoint allows you to access a detailed record of all transactions made in your account, facilitating financial audits and expense tracking.
  • Custom Filters: You can apply date filters to specify the period of interest, obtaining a specific financial statement that suits your needs.
  • Flexible Pagination: With the ability to control the number of entries per page, you can easily navigate through large volumes of financial data, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Current Balance: In addition to transactions, the service provides the current account balance, giving you an instant view of the current financial status.
  • Simple Integration: "getAccountEntryPaged" is designed for easy integration into your existing systems, allowing you to make the most of your account's financial data.

This endpoint is crucial to help our clients make informed decisions and maintain precise financial control. With it, you can access the financial information necessary to optimize your cash flow, identify spending trends, and make data-driven strategic decisions.

At Fitbank, we are committed to providing effective tools to enhance your financial experience, and "getAccountEntryPaged" is an essential part of that commitment. Combined with our stringent security and compliance, you can trust our services to reliably and efficiently meet your financial management needs.

  "Method": "GetAccountEntryPaged",
  "PartnerId": 93234,
  "BusinessUnitId": 40380,
  "TaxNumber": "30934646000107",
  "StartDate": "20/05/2022",
  "EndDate": "20/05/2022",
  "PageSize": 5,
  "PageIndex": 2,
  "DateTime": "2022-03-09T00:00:00",
  "OnlyBalance": true,
  "Bank": "621",
  "BankBranch": "3212",
  "BankAccount": "51351",
  "BankAccountDigit": "5"
  "Success": "true",
  "Entry": [
      "InternalIdentifier": 0,
      "EntryId": 0,
      "Description": "debit purchase",
      "Subtype": 21,
      "EntryDate": "2022-03-09T00:00:00",
      "EntryValue": 50,
      "Type": "ManualCredit",
      "UsedGuaranteed": null,
      "GuaranteedValue": null,
      "Details": "Credit one",
      "ReceiptUrl": null,
      "BankDetails": null,
      "DocumentNumber": "134077",
      "TransactionId": 134569,
      "Bank": null,
      "BankBranch": null,
      "BankAccount": null,
      "BankAccountDigit": null,
      "OperationId": 0,
      "NoteId": 324553,
      "NoteEntry": 4334610,
      "OperationType": 0,
      "ManualEntryCategory": 0,
      "ReceiptFileName": null,
      "Tags": []
  "Balance": 0,
  "BlockedBalance": 0

Definition of request fields

MethodStringMethod name.
TaxNumberStringTaxnumber account holder.
StartDateStringField used to perform the start date filter to delimit the statement.
EndDateStringField used to perform the end date filter to delimit the statement.
PageSizeIntegerThis field is responsible for specifying the number of entries per page to be returned.
PageIndexIntegerThis field is responsible for specifying which page will be returned
DateTimeStringIf the customer wants to search for the statement for a specific date, the use of startDate and endDate is not required.
OnlyBalanceBooleanIn scenarios where the customer solely intends to check the current account balance, there is no need to input the other fields

Definition of response fields

DescriptionStringDescription of the transaction carried out
SubtypeIntegerThis field is enumerable, following the transaction model in the statement.
EntryDateStringExact time the transaction was settled
EntryValueDecimalValue of the transaction carried out
TypeString"The 'Type' field is used to describe the category of the bank transaction, providing additional text to complement the 'subtype' field."
UsedGuaranteedThis field is responsible for granting permission to utilize the Guaranteed account balance.
GuaranteedValueThis field is responsible for specifying the withdrawal amount from the Guaranteed account.
DetailsThis field is responsible for providing transaction details.
ReceiptUrlThis field contains a URL that can redirect the customer to a proof of the transaction.
BankDetailsField responsible for returning bank details details
TransactionIdField responsible for returning the transaction identifier
TagsThis field is responsible for returning created tags that are associated with the transaction.
BalanceCurrent account balance
BlockedBalanceBlocked balance under review