3 - Authorization


This method is used to authorize a requested top-up.

Request Body

  "Method": "AuthorizeTopUp",
  "PartnerId": {{PartnerId}},
  "BusinessUnitId": {{BusinessUnitdId}},
  "DocumentNumber": 985547,
  "OriginNSU": "c242a50e-f707-45e9-b178-cee6dc698cb"


  POST /main/execute
MethodstringMandatory. Method Name
BusinessUnitIdlongMandatory. Business Unit ID provided by Fitbank
PartnerstringMandatory. Identifier provided by Fitbank
DocumentNumberlongMandatory. Unique recharge identifier
NSUstringMandatory Transactional identifier of the recharge

Observation: If this method is not called after the recharge is generated, by systemic default of 10 minutes, we will cancel the transaction.