Active Account Declaration

API Method = ActiveAccountDeclaration

This endpoint was created to generate a request for a document proving the activation of an account. To use it, the requesting account must be a regular SPB account. The request must include information such as the Partner ID, Business Unit ID, Tax Number, among others.

Upon making the request, the system will respond with a URL to the generated PDF document, which can be accessed for downloading.

"Method":"GenerateActiveAccountDeclaration", Required
"PartnerId":"", Required
"BusinessUnitId":"", Required
A requisição terá o seguinte Response:
  "Success": "true",
    "TaxNumber": "30934646000107",
  "Success": "false",

    "TaxNumber": "30934646000107",

    mensagem: "declaração ainda ativa"


MethodMethod To Be UsedYesString
PartnerIdInformation provided by FitBankYesINT
BusinessUnitIDInformation provided by FitBankYesINT
IdentifierDeclaration Document IdentifieINT
AccountKeyRequest IdentifierYesINT
TaxNumberCPF/CNPJ of the owner of the accountYesString
BankBank Code (Ex.: “450”)YesINT
BankBranchBank Agency Code (Ex.: “0001”)YesINT
BankAccountBank Account (Ex.: “146492”)YesINT
BankAccountDigitBank Account Digit (Ex.: “1”)YesINT


Important Points

Key points for better understanding the usability of the Account Statement:

  • The statement can only be generated for accounts that are in an active state.
  • Only one request can be made every 24 hours.
  • The maximum number of times the file can be viewed is 5 attempts. After these 5 attempts, only after 24 hours can a new statement request be made.

The Active Account Statement model generated encompasses the following fields:

  • Account Holder's Name
  • CPF or CNPJ
  • Address
  • Banking Details (Bank, Bank Branch, Bank Account, Bank Account Digit)
  • Account Opening Date
  • Current Account Balance
  • Report Date
  • Institution Data (Company Name, CNPJ, Address)

Below is the template with fictitious data illustrating how the account statement will be generated: