2 - Types of Payments

Banking and collection boletos

API Method = GenerateBoletoOut
Our platform pays every collection boleto type, as much as both bank collection and collection of collections and consumption invoices. Through the barcode (or serial number), we can consult a lot of payment data:

  • Collection boleto: Type of product segment, charged value (GetInfoByBarcode);
  • Bank boleto: beneficiary, value, due date, discounts, interest, and fines (Query method: GetInfoCipByBarcode).

All of these information are fundamental to validating and performing the payment, according to the regulation of FEBRABAN's collection boletos and bank boleto, regulated by CIP .

Types of boletos with barcodes accepted in the method

  • Collection boletos: dealerships (water, energy, internet, telephone, TV, etc.) and taxes (Taxes and Fees, less for FGTS*);
  • Bank boletos.

PS: Exception for the FGTS payment.

FGTS (Severance Indemnity Fund)

API Method: GeneratePaymentsFGTS

For the FGTS payment with barcode (serial number), information is required that is not found in the conventional GenerateBoletoOut method. Therefore, you must follow the FGTS payment method to make it effective. This data, which is not present in the payment slip, must be made available by the institution responsible for issuing the slip. Payments without the data from the mandatory fields of the GeneratePaymentsFGTS method will not be accepted.

    Method: 'GenerateBoletoOut',
    PartnerId: 10343,
    BusinessUnitId: 30421,
    Name: 'Paula',
    TaxNumber: '33109855046',
    BeneficiaryTaxNumber: '33409855046',
    BeneficiaryName: 'João Silva',
    GuarantorTaxNumber: '81422414043',
    GuarantorName: 'Maria Helena',
    PayerTaxNumber: '16982097030',
    PayerName: 'João Alves',
    MailToSend: '[email protected]',
    PhoneToSend: '8854324232',
    Barcode: '03394894500000087671760680778200262003064000',
    PrincipalValue: 168.67,
    DiscountValue: 0,
    ExtraValue: 0,
    PaymentDate: '2022/05/16',
    DueDate: '2022/05/20',
    Tags: {Pagamento: 'Pagamento'},
    Description: 'Pagamento',
    Identifier: '5354ge45l3',
    RateValue: 1.19,
    RateValueType: 1,
    PaymentSubType: 0,
    FeePayerFullName: 'Ana Silva Goes',
    FeePayerTaxNumber: '13067778000160',
    FeePayerMail: '[email protected]',
    FeePayerBank: '450',
    FeePayerBankBranch: '1024',
    FeePayerBankAccount: '8147341',
    FeePayerBankAccountDigit: '0',
    FeePayerTradingName: 'Comercial Pereira',
    FeePayerLegalName: 'Maria Ferreira Lima',
    FeePayerIdentityDocument: '19062375308',
    Bank: '033',
    BankBranch: '1024',
    BankAccount: '8147342',
    BankAccountDigit: '1',
    Entries: {
      Name: 'Paula',
      TaxNumber: '33109855046',
      Value: 80.45,
      Description: 'Pagamento',
      Bank: '033',
      BankBranch: '1024',
      BankAccount: '8147342',
      BankAccountDigit: '1'

Tax and Collection Guide without barcode

Some payment guides do have not a barcode and use dedicated methods for each type where data is entered manually.

They are:

  • GPS (Social Security Guide)
    API Method: GeneratePaymentGPS
  • DARF (Federal Collection Document)
    API Method: GeneratePaymentDARF
  • DARJ (Collection of Rio de Janeiro Document)
    API Method: GeneratePaymentDARJ
  • GARE (Collection State Document)
    API Method: GeneratePaymentGARE


Taxes with barcodes

The payments mentioned above are being updated to contain barcodes and can be paid using the same payment method as for boletos with barcodes: GenerateBoletoOut. Except for FGTS, which has barcodes and can only be paid using the proper GeneratePaymentsFGTS method, the other payment methods without barcodes remain functional.