3.1 - Generate

Generate a future posting

API Method = generatefutureposting

This method makes it possible to record the Future Posting on the account, to charge amounts from the source account to a Future Posting clearing account and to distribute the payments on the scheduled day.

Generates a new version, with the data:

• Bank details of the payer's account;
• Documents of the payer;
• Bank details of the target account;
• Recipient documents;
• Debit form data;
• Start date;
• End date (expiration);
• Launch values;
• Fees and type of fees.

    "Method": "GenerateFuturePosting", 
    "PartnerId": {{PartnerId}}, 
    "BusinessUnitId": {{BusinessUnitId}}, 
    "InitialDate": null, 
    "DueDate": "2022/04/19", 
    "TaxNumber": "216.490.030-80", 
    "Bank": null, 
    "BankBranch": null, 
    "BankAccount": null, 
    "BankAccountDigit": null, 
    "Identifier": "{{$guid}}", 
    "ReceiverName": "Lothar Mathaus", 
    "ReceiverTaxNumber": "410.496.990-76", 
    "ReceiverBank": null, 
    "ReceiverBankBranch": null, 
    "ReceiverBankAccount": null, 
    "ReceiverBankAccountDigit": null, 
    "DebitType": 1, 
    "Value": {{$randomInt}}, 
    "AutomaticType": 0, 
    "RateValueType": 1, 
    "RateValue": 10, 
    "Description": "Teste de Refatoração do FuturePosting", 
    "Tags": [ 
        "V1"    ], 
    "ReceiverBankingData": { 
        "BankCode": "376", 
        "BankBranch": "1", 
        "BankAccount": "1100944", 
        "BankAccountDigit": "6", 
        "AccountType": 0    } 


PartnerIdLongFitBank provided IDYES
BusinessUnitIdLongFitBank provided IDYES
InitialDateStringInitial DateNO
DueDateStringDue DateYES
TaxNumberStringPayer's CPF/CNPJYES
BankCodeStringPayer's BankNO
BankBranchStringPayer's Bank BranchNO
BankAccountStringPayer's Bank AccountNO
BankAccountDigitStringPayer's Bank Account DigitNO
IdentifierStringExternal identification number(It cannot be repeated).YES
ReceiverNameStringPayee's NameYES
ReceiverTaxNumberStringPayee's CPF/CNPJYES
ReceiverBankStringPayee's BankNO
ReceiverBankBranchStringPayee's Bank BranchNO
ReceiverBankAccountStringPayee's Bank AccountNO
ReceiverBankAccountDigitStringPayee's Bank Account DigitNO
DebitTypeLongDebitType: Total = 0 / Partial = 1YES
ValueLongFuture Posting ValueYES
AutomaticTypeLongAutomatic Bank Transfer: Nothing (default) = 0 / AutomaticFuturePosting = 1YES
RateValueTypeLongRate Value Type: Sent = 0 / Default = 1 / None = 2YES
RateValueLongRate ValueYES
BankCodeStringPayee's External Bank CodeNO
BankBranchStringPayee's External Bank BranchNO
BankAccountStringPayee's External Bank AccountNO
BankAccountDigitStringPayee's External Bank Account DigitNO
AccountTypeStringPayee's External Account TypeNO