1 - Introduction

What is TopUp?

TopUp's service is a mobile recharge solution that allows users to add credit to their prepaid account quickly and conveniently. With this service, users can keep their account active and ready to go without worrying about monthly charges or bills.

To work with this service, it is necessary to have some basic configurations, such as the agreement with the processor of these recharges, which is currently Epay. Additionally, TopUp can be scheduled to happen automatically each month, ensuring that the user's account never runs out of credit.

This solution is ideal for those who are unwilling or unable to commit to a monthly cell phone plan. Furthermore, TopUp allows users to control their spending, as they only need to pay for the credit they need.

Our documentation will detail all aspects of the TopUp service, including how to top-up, how to schedule automatic top-ups, and how to keep track of your account balance. In addition, we will provide technical support and troubleshooting information to ensure users have the best possible experience.