Openning modes

The beginning of the account opening process requires the sending of the customer's registration data, along with the necessary identification documentation. This request can be made through a form or the API, using the:

New Accountor LimitedAccount

In this way, it is possible to start the registration process quickly and efficiently, ensuring the security and accuracy of the information provided by the customer.

In order to comply with regulations imposed by regulatory agencies, it is necessary for the customer to read and understand the account opening terms before initiating any banking transaction. This measure is important to ensure that the customer is aware of the applicable terms and conditions for the financial service in question and can make informed decisions. In addition, reading and acknowledging the account opening terms also protects Fitbank from possible disputes or legal disputes. Therefore, it is essential that the account opening terms be presented in a clear and accessible manner to customers, so that they can fully understand their rights and responsibilities when using financial services. To access the terms, please contact the Fitbank support team.


To learn about the service's webhooks, visit the page

Learn about Webhook

Service catalog (SLA)

  1. KYC Conta Completa PF - 3h
  2. KYC Conta Completa PJ - 3d
  3. KYC Conta Limitada PF - 3h
  4. KYC de Retorno - 3h
  5. KYC de Menor de Idade - 3d
  6. SLA de encerramento de contas - 48h