2 - Types of Future Posting

What are the types of Future Posting?

Currently we have three types of Future Posting, the processing can be done, through the debit form: full, partial or flexible capture..


As the money enters the paying account, this money is withdrawn from the paying account and sent to the transitional account.

Future Posting is settled until its validity, that is, the ceiling delimited in value until the due date, otherwise it will be assigned as a balance error and the money will be reversed to the origin.

Future Posting can be settled in two ways: by due date or by value. If reachs the scheduled amount, the money will be sent to the clearing account and then to the destination account. If the scheduled date reaches the date, the same happens, regardless of whether it has reached the expected value or not.


Future Posting may be settled by value. If it reaches the scheduled amount, the money will be sent to the transitional account and then to the destination account. If you reach the scheduled date and do not have the estimated amount, the status is changed to balance error.

Flexible Capture

Flexible Capture allows you to indicate to the system the unique TaxNumber (or unique ones) for which it is authorized to scrape values. That is, with this rule the system only captures values originating from entries made from that CPF/CNPJ.

It is important to emphasize that when the originator rule is not applied, the capture process will follow the normal flow of Future Posting; that is, we will not have a specific CPF/CNPJ and, therefore, it will be performed from any originator.

We can enable the originator rule in Business Unit and Person.

NOTE: Person will have higher priority. If the flexible capture process is not enabled on the Person or is without values (blank), the system looks at the Business Unit which, if it also meets the same criteria, will disregard the existence of a whitelist. Thus, the scraping will be done from any originator.