4 - Canceling

CancelInternalTransfer – method for canceling internal transfer

MethodStringYESMethod Identification Name
BusinessUnitIdLongYESBusiness Unit ID reported by Fitbank
PartnerIdLongYESPartner ID reported by Fitbank
DocumentNumberDecimalYESTransaction ID, returned in InternalTransfer response


{ "Method": "CancelInternalTransfer", 
"PartnerId": 820, 
"BusinessUnitId": 1099, 
"DocumentNumber": 103857 } 

Successful response:

{ "Success": "true", "Message": "ISI0001 - Método executado com sucesso" } 

Failure response:

{ "Success": "false", "Message": "ESE0018 - Não é possível cancelar transferência que esta em pr ocesso de registro/efetivada", "Validation": [] } 

PS - This return occurs because it is only possible to cancel transfers that weren't settled, and P2P is an online transfer, that happens in a few seconds. Therefore, the time for cancellation is short.