7 - General Questions

Popular questions

  1. Does the boleto accept partial payment?
    No! The entire boleto value must be paid. The only cases where the boleto value is less than the main boleto value are cases with rebates and discounts. And these values are already expected at the time of settlement, so a partial payment does not occur.
  2. Is there automatic cancellation in any post expiration period?
    In case of default the boleto is cancelled 59 days after the due date (the number of days can be parameterized)
  3. Can I pay the original amount of the boleto after expiration?
    If the boleto was issued with interest and a fine, the boleto payment will be increased. If the boleto was issued without interest and fine, you may pay the original amount.
  4. I tried to cancel a boleto but could not. What happened?
    You cannot cancel a boleto that is in the process of being paid or paid. You can only cancel boletos that are issued/registered.
  5. Can I change an expired boleto?
    Yes, only cancelled, in process of payment or paid boletos cannot be altered! Overdue boletos, but which are registered can be altered.

API Filling


Dates in the API request must be filled in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
Example: 2022-08-26

Monetary values

Monetary values must be separated by point.
Example: 100.5


In percentage fields, you must enter only number and point, discarding the sending of the percentage.
Example: 12.5

String Fields

Special characters are not allowed in text fields. The API will return an error.
Example: CPF "123.123.123-12" must be sent in the format "12312312312"

Name Fields

The fields related to the name of the payee or payer have a maximum limit of 49 characters.

Address Fields

The limits of the address-related fields are:
City: 50 characters
Street: 40 characters
Zip code: 8 characters