4.3 Cancel QRCode

Cancel PIX QRCode

API Method = CancelPixQRCode

This method can be used to cancel dynamic PIX QRCode charges. Currently, it is not possible to cancel a Static Pix QrCode, according to the parameters used by partner processing company JD Consultores and followed by FitBank.

  "Method": "CancelPixQRCode",
  "PartnerId": 163,
  "BusinessUnitId": 196,
  "TaxNumber": "12345678912",
  "DocumentNumber": 92541


PartnerIdInformation provided by FitBankYESINT
BusinessUnitIdInformation provided by FitBankYESINT
TaxNumberCPF/CNPJ of who generated the QrCode chargeYESSTRING
DocumentNumberDocument number (ID) of the QrCode that is to be cancelledYESNUMBER