4.2 Change QRCode

Change Dynamic Pix QRCode

API Method = ChangeDynamicPixQRCode

Changes the parameters of a charge with Dynamic QrCode.
You can modify the payer information, charged amount and expiration date.

     "Method": "ChangeDynamicPixQRCode",
     "PartnerId": 30519,
     "BusinessUnitId": 51138,
     "PixKey": "17699384008",
     "TaxNumber": "84928589076",
     "PayerTaxNumber": "65023491021",
     "PayerName": "João da Silva Pereira",
     "PrincipalValue": 123.45,
     "ExpirationDate": "31/01/2022",
     "Address": {
          "AddressLine": "Rua Niterói",
          "AddressLine2": "string",
          "ZipCode": "60731-305",
          "Neighborhood": "Canindezinho",
          "CityCode": "451",
          "CityName": "Fortaleza",
          "State": "Ceará",
          "AddressType": 1,
          "Country": "Brasil",
          "Complement": "Apto 01",
          "Reference": "Próximo ao mercado"
     "ChangeType": 0,
     "AdditionalData": [
               "Name": "pagamento",
               "Value": "300"
     "PayerRequest": "pagamento",
     "DocumentNumber": 854127,
     "TransactionPurpose": 1,
     "TransactionValue": null,
     "TransactionChangeType": null,
     "AgentModality": 2


PartnerIdInformation provided by FitBankYESINT-
BusinessUnitIdInformation provided by FitBankYESINT-
PixKeyReceiver's PIX keyYESSTRING-
TaxNumberCPF/CNPJ of the collector/receiver, meaning, who will have the PIX key and generates the chargeNOSTRING-
PayerTaxNumberCPF/CNPJ of the payerNOSTRING-
PayerNameName of the payerNOSTRING-
PrincipalValueValue of the collectionYESNUMBER-
ExpirationDateDate until the transaction expiresNOSTRING-
AddressAdress of the receiverNOOBJECT-
AddressLineFirst adress of the receiverNOSTRING-
AddressLine2Second adress of the receiverNOSTRING-
ZipCodeZipCode of the receiverNOSTRINGValid Formats:
Limit: 10 characters
NeighborhoodNeighborhood of the receiverNOSTRING-
CityCodeCity code of the receiverNOSTRING-
CityNameCity of the receiverNOSTRING-
StateState of the receiverNOSTRING-
AddressTypeType of adress of the receiverNOINTCommercial = 0 Residential = 1
CountryCountry of the receiverNOSTRING-
ComplementAditional information to the adress of the receiverNOSTRING-
ReferenceReference to the adress of the receiverNOSTRING-
ChangeTypeParameter that allows the amount charged to be changed or not at the moment of paymentYESINTNone = 0 (Does not allow value change)

Allowed = 1 (Allows value change)
AdditionalDataAdditional information of the collectionNOARRAY OF OBJECTS-
NameName of the custom parameter to be add with transactionNOSTRING-
ValueValue of the custom parameter to be add with transactionNOSTRINGDoes not necessarily have to be the indication of a monetary value
PayerRequestMessage or description that can be added if desirableNOSTRINGMaximum number of accepted characters: 140 characters
DocumentNumberDocument number (ID) of the dynamic QrCode from which you want to change informationYESNUMBER-
TransactionPurposePurpose of the collectionNOINTPurchaseOrTransfer = 0
PurchaseWithChange = 1
Withdraw = 2
For a common payment transaction, by default fill as 0
TransactionValueValue of the transactionNONUMBERApplicable only if the QrCode is set as PIX Withdraw or PIX Change. If not, must be filled as null
TransactionChangeTypeType of the collection transactionNOINTNone = 0
Allowed = 1
Applicable only if the QrCode is set as PIX Withdraw or PIX Change. If not, must be filled as null
AgentModalityAgent modality of the withdraw transactionNOINTPSS = 0 (Withdrawal Service Provider)
CommercialEstablishment = 1
Other = 2
By default, fill as 2, unless it refers to a PIX Withdraw transaction

Change Pix QRCode Due Date

API Method = ChangePixQRCodeDueDate

The method can be used to modify QRCode data, including payer information, due date, number of days to expiration and values.

    "method": "ChangePixQrCodeDueDate",
    "PartnerId": 896,
    "BusinessUnitId": 1261,
    "TxId": "AAAA6323232AAAAA1212AAAAsdsdsd1",
    "PixKey": "44bc2c95-fa76-439d-ad1e-cffd373956e4",
    "Date": {
        "DueDate": "2024-06-30",
        "DaysAfterDueDate": "5"
    "Payee": {
        "TaxNumber": "50231669020",
        "Name": "Stéfanne DDA",
        "ISPB": "",
        "Bank": "450",
        "BankBranch": "0001",
        "BankAccount": "6354103",
        "BankAccountDigit": "1"
    "Payer": {
        "TaxNumber": "35253363068", 
        "Name": "Teste", 
        "Mail": "[email protected]", 
        "Adress:": "Logradouro do pagador", 
        "City": "cidade do pagador",
        "State": "CE",
        "ZipCode": "11111111" 
    "PrincipalValue": "80.00",
    "Fine": { 
        "Type": "2",
        "Value": "2.00"
    "Rebate": { 
        "Type": "2",
        "Value": "2.00"
    "Interest": { 
        "Type": "2",
        "Value": "2.00"
    "Discount": { 
        "Type": "2",
        "DiscountRange": [
                "date": "2024-06-10",
                "value": "3.00"
                "date": "2024-06-11",
                "value": "3.00"
                "date": "2024-06-12",
    "PayerRequest": "solicitação ao pagador > comentários enviados do pagador para o recebedor", 
    "AdditionalInformation": [ 
            "Name": "pagamento",
            "Value": "300"
    "Success": "true",
    "Message": "ISI0601 - QRCode alterado com sucesso"


MethodChangePixQrCodeDueDateYESSTRINGNot subject to change
PartnerIdInformation provided by FitBankYESINTNot subject to change
BusinessUnitIdInformation provided by FitBankYESINTNot subject to change
TxIdTransaction IdentifierYESSTRINGNot subject to change
PixKeyReceiver's pix keyYESSTRINGNot subject to change
DueDateCollection Due DateYESSTRINGYYYY-MM-DD
DaysAfterDueDateExpiration date in calendar daysNOSTRINGIf the number of days for the QRCode to expire after its due date is not specified, the default value of 30 days will be used.
Payee-YESOBJECTNot subject to change
TaxNumberPayee's CPF/CNPJYESSTRINGNot subject to change
NamePayee's nameYESSTRINGNot subject to change
ISPBPayee's ISPBYES (OR)STRINGNot subject to change
BankPayee's bankYES (OR)STRINGNot subject to change
BankBranchPayee's Bank BranchYESSTRINGNot subject to change
BankAccountPayee's Bank AccountYESSTRINGNot subject to change
BankAccountDigitPayee's Bank Account DigitYESSTRINGNot subject to change
NamePayer's NameYESSTRING-
MailPayer's MailNOSTRING-
AddressPayer's AddressNOSTRING-
CityPayer's CityNOSTRING-
StatePayer's StateNOSTRING-
ZipCodePayer's ZipCodeNOSTRING-
PrincipalValueOriginal value of the chargeYESSTRING-
TypeType of fineNOSTRING0 - No fine will be charged
1 - Fixed Value
2 - Percentual
ValueValue of fineNOSTRING-
TypeType of rebateNOSTRING0 - No rebates will be granted
1 - Fixed Value
2 - Percentual
ValueValue of rebateNOSTRING-
TypeType of InterestNOSTRING0 - No interest will be charged
1 - Value (calendar days)
2 - Percentage per day (calendar days)
3 - Percentage per month (calendar days)
5 - Value (working days)
6 - Percentual ao dia (dias úteis)
7 - Percentage per month (working days)
ValueValue of InterestNOSTRING-
TypeType of DiscountNOSTRING0 - No discount will be granted
1 - Fixed price until the date specified
2 - Balue in percent up to the date informed
DiscountRangeNOSTRINGWhen changing the discount, providing a new range, regardless of the number of existing discount bands, all of them will be replaced by the new bands entered.
datediscount dateNOSTRINGYYYY-MM-DD
valuediscount valueNOSTRING-
PayerRequestText to be submitted to the payerNOSTRINGLimit 140 characters
NameField nameNOSTRING-
ValueField dataNOSTRING-