2.1 - Electronic Payer Inclusion

Electronic Payer Inclusion

The AddElectronicPayer method is used to include a user as an Electronic Payer in the DDA. Electronic Payers will have access to boletos issued in their name by any institution.

To be an Electronic Payer, you must have a Verified account; accounts that do not meet this criterion are not eligible for inclusion as an Electronic Payer.

In the AddElectronicPayer method, the user must provide at least one account (using SPB data), and can add from 1 to N accounts.

It can take up to a day for the user to be included as an electronic payer. Once completed, the user will receive a webhook confirming their inclusion.


The "WasSigned" field refers to the user's acceptance of becoming an electronic payer.

  • If the user wants the DDA service, which currently includes the functionality to consult boletos issued in their name, then they must fill in the field as "True".
  • If they choose not to use the DDA service, they must enter "False".
  "Method": "AddElectronicPayer",
  "PartnerId": 1216,
  "BusinessUnitId": 1662,
  "TaxNumber": "94694672053",
  "WasSigned": true,
  "Accounts": [
      "Bank": "450",
      "BankBranch": "0001",
      "Account": "26456526",
      "AccountDigit": "1"
  "Success": "true",
  "Message": "A solicitação para inclusão do pagador eletrônico foi enviada com sucesso"
    "Success": "false",
    "Message": "A autorização do cliente é obrigatório para a inclusão como pagador eletrônico",
    "Validation": []


PartnerIdintegerFitBank provided IDYes
BusinessUnitIdintegerFitBank provided IDYes
TaxNumberstringElectronic Payer's CPF/CNPJYes
WasSignedstringElectronic Payer Acceptance.
If True, then the user accepts to be an electronic payer
If False, then the user does not accept to be an electronic payer
AccountsObjectElectronic Payer Account InformationYes
BankStringElectronic Payer's bankYes
BankBranchStringElectronic Payer's bank branchYes
AccountStringElectronic Payer's accountYes
AccountDigitStringElectronic Payer's account digitYes