1 - Introduction

Full Pay-Office and Payments

The Fitbank's Payments HUB is a highly integrable and parameterizable system to make all types of payments, one of the most complete solutions on the market. Our payment service is connected to the main national financial institutions, thus offering one of the most diverse and effective Brazilian payment solutions.

With this solution we are able to automate your pay-office and improve the management of your payments with Fitbank, we summarize below the main advantages of our Hub.

Main Pros

  • We are connected to several financial institutions in Brazil;
  • Robust platform capable of processing thousands of payments simultaneously;
  • Scheduling payments and controlling permissions;
  • Integration with any Front End and 100% White Label;
  • The most complete Cash In and Cash Out features;
  • Cloud Native technology and 100% owned by us;
  • Immediate integration via API (Plug & Play);
  • Lower market rejection rate;