API Method = GetAccountEntry

The getAccountEntry method enables the listing of information regarding a specific account's statement, providing users with the ability to choose the period, index, and pagination of the statement. This functionality allows for efficient management and monitoring of account activity, as users can easily access and review relevant transaction data. With the flexibility to select specific timeframes and adjust the display of information, the getAccountEntry method is a valuable tool for accurate and streamlined account management.

This method can return the statement information for a specific account. It has the return of 2 responses:

JSON response delivers values referring to Entry, following the example below:

OnlyBalance Field: true

    "Success": "true",
    "Balance": 0.00

OnlyBalance field: false

  "Success": "true",
  "Entry": [
      "InternalIdentifier": 0,
      "EntryId": 0,
      "Description": "debit purchase",
      "Subtype": 21,
      "EntryDate": "2022-03-09T00:00:00",
      "EntryValue": 50,
      "Type": "ManualCredit",
      "UsedGuaranteed": null,
      "GuaranteedValue": null,
      "Details": "Credit one",
      "ReceiptUrl": null,
      "BankDetails": null,
      "DocumentNumber": "134077",
      "TransactionId": 134569,
      "Bank": null,
      "BankBranch": null,
      "BankAccount": null,
      "BankAccountDigit": null,
      "OperationId": 0,
      "NoteId": 324553,
      "NoteEntry": 4334610,
      "OperationType": 0,
      "ManualEntryCategory": 0,
      "ReceiptFileName": null,
      "Tags": []
  "Balance": 0,
  "BlockedBalance": 0

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  “Success”: true,
  “ExistsAccountValid”: true,
  “PersonName”: “Luiz Fernando”
{“Success”: true,
 “ExistsAccountValid”: false,
 “PersonName”: “”