1 - Introduction


Collection Order is a service offered by FitBank for customers who need to execute value collections. After a previous payer validation, the customer emits a collection order and FitBank generates an order sent to the payer indicated by API requisition.

Collection Order Operation

The Collection Order is commonly by customers that need to report to a debtor that they have an open debt, whether arising from the provision of services, or product sales, among others, and provide them the necessary way to settle the related charge.

Order sending

At FitBank, we execute the order by sending it to the debtor e-mail, previously informed by the customer at the requisition moment. This form has shown itself as an efficient communication option to receive debit values without involving costly and time-consuming procedures.

Collection management

According to the customers need, the collection order may set a deadline for the debtor makes the payment; in other words, a due date and expiration date for the collection.

In that sense, FitBank disposes of an automated collection scale, a process that allows the debtor’s notification about a pending collection, for as long as it's open.

Payment method

At FitBank, we can realize agreements to the sending of the collection orders, which may be paid by financial methods in agreement with the country of operation.

In Brazil, the payments are processed by:

  • Real Time Payments (Pagamentos em Tempo Real – PIX) method.
  • Boleto - Release Expectation in June 2024
  • Hybrid Collection (Boleto with PIX QR Code) - Release Expectation in June 2024

Payment split

The Collection Order also allows  the customer to schedule the remittance of the amounts resulting from the payment of this collection, for accounts of one or more recipients, enabling the inclusion of rules to divide the amounts as needed, either by value or by percentage.