1 - Introduction


DDA (Direct Debit Authorized) is a centralized and integrated technological platform that enables the electronic presentation of payment slips. With DDA, FitBank customers (individuals and companies) who choose to be Electronic Payment Customers can access their accounts electronically (internet, smartphone, cell phone, ATM, among others) and confirm the settlement of the Boleto de Pagamento, without the need to receive the printed document. In order for customers to receive their Boletos de Pagamento electronically, they must first expressly opt for the DDA as an Electronic Payment Client. Once the Paying Customer has registered as a DDA opt-in customer, the institution(s) begin to receive and present the boletos issued in the name of said payer electronically.

Eletronic Payer

The electronic payment inquiry is a service offered to FitBank customers, whether they are individuals or companies. With this form of payment, FitBank customers have total control over their outstanding boletos.
To issue a boleto, the electronic payer must have an account regulated by Bacen.


Only boletos bancários are displayed in the DDA query. Boletos from dealerships are not included.