2 - Electronic Payer

Eletronic Payer

An Electronic Payer is a user registered in the DDA (Direct Debit Authorized) system who has the ability to view and pay boletos issued in their name by various financial institutions. To become an Electronic Payer, you must have a verified account and agree to the terms of service.

Currently, Pagador Eletrônico has the ability to consult all boletos issued in its name, regardless of the issuing institution.

According to the timetable established by Nuclea, the inclusion, modification and deletion of electronic payers does not take place on weekends or public holidays.

The time taken to add electronic payers can take up to 24 hours on working days and up to 72 hours on non-working days.

The inclusion of electronic payers must take place between 05:50 and 22:00. If it is done outside these hours, the response will be on the next working day (D+1).


  • AddElectronicPayer: Adds the user as an Electronic Payer in the DDA.
  • CancelElectronicPayer: Cancels the DDA service for the user.

Once the Pagador Eletrônico has been included, it will have access to the GetBoletosDDA and GetInfosBoletoDDA methods to consult the boletos issued in its name.