1 - Introduction


The FitBank Card is a prepaid card which can be configured to be a credit or debit card, can be used as a form of payment, withdrawal and it has the contactless or contact only functionality.

There are two types of this physical card: nominal and non-nominal.

Nominal cards

Those that have the cardholder data informed at the time of request. Therefore, the card will be issued with the data of the cardholder already linked to the registration.

To create a nominal card, data is entered into the card holder so that it already has a data binding.

Non-nominal cards

These cards are those without cardholder data linked in the request.
Those are requested in batch when selecting the Business Unit (BU), the number of cards and filling in the company's delivery address, for later distribution of the cards and data linking.

In order for the card to be issued, the customer needs to integrate and have a Business Unit (BU) in the FitBank system, and within it, it is necessary to configure the parameters, that is, enter important information so that the operation can occur (limit card maximum, minimum transaction amounts, withdrawal limit, contracted cards, for example).