1 - Introduction


It is an interbank funds transfer order, including one involving transfer on behalf of a third party or in favor of a client, settled through a funds transfer settlement system, with the corresponding funds available to the recipient.

Core Banking

Fitbank is integrated into the Brazilian Payment System (SPB), having the number 450, which enables us to operate several transactional solutions such as Cash In and Cash Out through TED


It is the set of procedures, rules, instruments, and integrated operations that, by electronic means, give support to the financial movement between the various economic agents in the Brazilian market. Its basic function is to allow the transfer of financial resources, the processing and settlement of payments for individuals and companies, and between government entities.

Everything that travels in the SPB, travels in a private network of the Central Bank, that is, only the homologated and private institutions participate in this network, by means of the Messaging System.


Limit time

The time limit for sending is defined by the institutions and can be parameterized in the operation, by default, in Fitbank the maximum time limit is 4:40 pm. After the time limit set by the institution, the TED can be scheduled for the next business day or later.

This operation can be made between individuals or companies.

Account SPB

Transfers via SPB can only occur between regular accounts with SPB data.
For an account to become an SPB account it must go through the entire documentation validation process and KYC approval.

Account Limits SPB

To make the transfers (Cash OUT), it is necessary that the account be taken over for SPB (Brazilian Payment System). After this process comes the business unit parameterization step, where values will be delimited as to the transfers.
The parameters are defined according to our business model. For requests for values higher than those determined, an analysis is performed by the compliance team.

Default parameters for BU regarding values:

  • Predefined minimum transfer value: R$ 0.01
  • Predefined maximum daily transfer amount (maximum that BU can transfer per day): R$ 50,000
  • Predefined maximum monthly transfer amount: 100 (units)