2 - Sending a Payment Order in Brazil

Sending a Payment Order

The customer will send a Payment Order through an EndPoint in the FitBank API, and the Payment Orders must contain the necessary data for processing and making the payment.

API Method = GeneratePaymentOrder

This method makes it possible to send payment orders. Upon receiving the data sent by the customer, our API creates a beneficiary that initially undergoes a PIX key correspondence check, then the KYC process is carried out and ends with the processing of the transaction to the chosen beneficiary.

     "Method": "GeneratePaymentOrder",
     "PartnerId": 30750,
     "BusinessUnitId": 61799,
     "Value": 500,
  	 "Type": 1,
     "Identifier": "7a8b29f5-e73d-4393-b028-62c185e7d9a-00052",
     "PaymentDate": "2022/07/12",
     "Tags": [
          "my payment order 00051",
          "test 00051"
     "Beneficiary": {
          "Name": "Antonio Wender Lima Marques",
          "Gender": "0",
          "MaritalStatus": "0",
          "Ocuppation": "software developer",
          "Nationality": "BRA",
          "Country": "Brazil",
          "BirthCity": "Fortaleza",
          "BirthState": "Ceará",
          "BirthDate": "2000/07/12",
          "MotherName": "Maria Jose Alves",
          "CompanyType": null,
          "CompanyActivity": null,
          "ConstitutionDate": null,
          "ContactInfo": {
               "Mail": "[email protected]",
               "Phone": "+5585997784745"
          "AccountInfo": {
               "AccountType": 0,
               "PixKey": "[email protected]",
               "TaxNumber": "08692722354",
               "Bank": "321",
               "BankBranch": "1233",
               "BankAccount": "22222",
               "BankAccountDigit": "0"
     "Payer": {
          "TaxNumber": "83833430000111",
          "Bank": "4123",
          "BankBranch": "56778",
          "BankAccount": "7765",
          "BankAccountDigit": "1"


ParameterDescriptionTo Identify BeneficiaryTo Qualify BeneficiaryType
MethodMethod to be usedYESYESSTRING
PartnerIdPartner ID provided by FitBankYESYESINT64
BusinessUnitIdBusiness ID provided by FitBankYESYESINT64
ValuePayment Order payment valueYESYESNUMBER
Type*Payment Method Used
0 - PIX
1 - TED
2 - Internal
IdentifierId reference to the payment order generatedYESYESSTRING
PaymentDate*Payment date set to settle the paymentYESYESSTRING
TagsList of tags: (Ex.: Payment, API Test)NONOSTRING
NameBeneficiary's name (NP or LP)YESYESSTRING
GenderBeneficiary's gender (NP only)NONOINTEGER
MaritalStatusBeneficiary's civil status (NP only)NONOINTEGER
OccupationBeneficiary's ocupation (NP only)DESIRABLE FOR NPNOSTRING
NationalityBeneficiary's nationality (NP only)DESIRABLE FOR NPDERISABLE FOR NPSTRING
CountryBeneficiary's country of originDESIRABLE FOR NPDERISABLE FOR NPSTRING
BirthCityBeneficiary's city (NP only)NONOSTRING
BirthStateBeneficiary's state (NP only)NONOSTRING
BirthDateBeneficiary's birth date (NP only)DESIRABLE FOR NPYESSTRING
MothersNameBeneficiary's mother's name (NP only)DESIRABLE FOR NPYESSTRING
CompanyActivityCompany activity (LP only)DESIRABLE FOR LPMANDATORY FOR LPSTRING
ConstitutionDateCompany's date of incorporation (LP only)DESIRABLE FOR LPMANDATORY FOR LPSTRING
MailBeneficiary's emailDESIRABLEYESSTRING
PhoneBeneficiary's phoneDESIRABLEYESSTRING
PixKeyBeneficiary's PIX keyYESYESSTRING
TaxNumberBeneficiary's CPF (NP) or CNPJ (LP)YESYESSTRING
AccountTypeBeneficiary's account typeYESYESNormal = 0
Savings = 1
ToBankIdentifierReceiver's ISPB Bank CodeNONOBanking code of indirect banking institutions
BankBeneficiary's Bank Code (Ex.: “450”)MANDATORY FOR TED (available in expected V2)MANDATORY FOR TED (available in expected V2)STRING
BankBranchBeneficiary's Bank agency code (Ex.: “0001”)MANDATORY FOR TED (available in expected V2)MANDATORY FOR TED (available in expected V2)STRING
BankAccountBeneficiary's Bank account (Ex.: “146492”)MANDATORY FOR TED (available in expected V2)MANDATORY FOR TED (available in expected V2)STRING
BankAccountDigitBeneficiary's Account Digit (Ex.: “1”)MANDATORY FOR TED (available in expected V2)MANDATORY FOR TED (available in expected V2)STRING
BankPayer's Bank Code (Ex.: “450”)YESYESSTRING
BankBranchPayer's Bank agency code (Ex.: “0001”)YESYESSTRING
BankAccountPayer's Bank account (Ex.: “146492”)YESYESSTRING
BankAccountDigitPayer's Account Digit (Ex.: “1”)YESYESSTRING

Important: To avoid errors and busses in the operation, the PaymentDate field must follow the following format:

If the Payment Order is PIX with bank details, the PaymentDate field must be filled in with the format: 2024-02-16T15:00:00
If the Payment Order is PIX key, the PaymentDate field must be filled in with the format: 2024-02-16

Important: The Type information is optional. If you are not informed, the payment will be automatically processed by PIX.



NP = Natural Person

LP = Legal Person

Identified Beneficiary = Is the initial step, and will meet most cases, without the need for additional information (is the beneficiary who only needs the information required to settle payment orders)

Qualified Beneficiary = Qualification is a more in-depth step that demands more information about the beneficiary. This step will only be required when, after sending the initial request, the system returns a EXC0033 error. In this situation, a new request must be sent, with the mandatory data for the qualification process (beneficiary who needs to present information previously considered optional for KYC validation)

Pix Key Pattern

Phone Number+5585997784745Country code + area code + 9 prefix + numberThe telephone number format follows the international E.164 standard, which is composed of [+] [country code] [area code without the zero] [9 prefix] [telephone number].

In Brazil, this format has a maximum number of 14 (fourteen) digits.

For example, cell phone from Fortaleza/Brazil (country code: 55), Fortaleza area code (DDD) 85, cell phone number (with prefix) 9XXXX-YYYY, you must enter +5585997784745 (without spaces and dashes between digits).
E-mail[email protected]Beneficiary's email address
CPF05878565412Beneficiary's CPFIf the Tax Number length is less than 11, must to fill 0 on left
CNPJ3612311780015Beneficiary's CNPJIf the Tax Number length is less than 14, must to fill 0 on left
Random Keyc45134fc-69c8-4416-aa0b-703bcb5c4121Beneficiary's Random Key

By Real Time Payments (PIX)

There are two ways to process the Payment Order by Real Time Payment (PIX) in a quick and efficient way:

Payment Request by PIX key

When sending the Payment Order, the customer needs to inform only the beneficiary's PIX key and TaxNumber (CPF or CNPJ), which can be the CPF/CNPJ number, e-mail, telephone or a random key generated by Brazil's Central Bank (Banco Central). With this data, our API proceeds to verify the correspondence between the PIX key and the payee, then performs the beneficiary's KYC process and concludes the transfer.

Payment Request by PIX with bank informations

When sending the Payment Order, if the beneficiary does not have a PIX key, the customer must inform the beneficiary's bank details and CPF or CNPJ. Having this data, our API verifies if the informed banking data corresponds to one of the institutions that operates with PIX and, if so, proceeds with the transfer.

Payment Request by Wire Transfer (TED)

️ By Wire Transfer (TED)

Expected in v2 Payment Order