6 - Payment Order per File

Sending a Payment Order per file

The customer will send the Payment Orders through a file (.txt) in a Fitbank folder, and the file must contain the necessary data for processing and making the payment.

This file makes it possible to send payment orders. Upon receiving the data sent by the customer, our system creates a beneficiary that initially undergoes a PIX key correspondence check, then the KYC process is carried out and ends with the processing of the transaction to the chosen beneficiary.

File Format - Text File (.txt)
File Name Format - PaymentOrderFile_yyyymmdd_businessunitid

When the data is not informed, fill in the blanks to respect the columns of each information and inform one payment order per line.

File Content

11 to 51 to5MethodIdPayment Order method identifier (ID provided by FitBank)For Payment Order the ID is 442
17 to117 to11BusinessUnitIdBusiness ID provided by FitBank
113 to1713 to17PartnerIdPartner ID provided by FitBank
--1 to 8Payment DatePayment Date of the Payment Order
--10 to 26ValueValue of the Payment OrderThe last two digits are the
decimal of the value, for example,
00000000000000155 means
--28 to 282IdentifierID (Identifier) of the Payment Order Transaction-
--284 to 303Payer's TaxnumberCPF or CNPJ of the payer's account-
--305 to 308Payer's BankPayer's account bank number-
--310 to 319Payer's Bank BranchPayer's account bank branch number-
--321 to 340Payer's Bank AccountPayer's account bank account number-
--342 to 343Payer's Bank Account DigitPayer's account bank account digit number-
--345 to 644Beneficiary NamePayee's name-
--646 to 725Mother NamePayee's mother's name-
--727 to 786NationalityPayee's nationality-
--788 to 847Birth CityPayee's birth city-
--849 to 908Birth StatePayee's birth state-
--910 to 917Birth DatePayee's birth date-
--919GenderPayee's gender0 - Male
1 - Female
2 - Other
--921Marital StatusPayee's marital status0 - Stable Union
1 - Married
2 - Divorced
3 - Separated
4 - Widowed
5 - Single
6 - Other
--923 to 1022OccupationPayee's occupation-
--1024 to
Constitution DatePayee's constitution date (for company only)-
--1033Company TypePayee's Company Type (for company only)0 - SA
1 - LTDA
2 - MEI
3 - ME
5 - Condo
6 - Other
--1035 to
Company ActivityPayee's Company Activity (for company only)-
--1236 to
MailPayee's mail-
--1492 to
PhonePayee's phone-
--1513 to
TaxnumberPayee's taxnumber (CPF or CNPJ)-
--1534 to
PixKeyPayee's Pix Key-
--1790 to
BankBank number of the payee's account-
--1795 to
Bank BranchBank Branch number of the payee's account-
--1806 to
Bank AccountBank Account number of the payee's account-
--1827 to
Bank Account DigitBank Account Digit number of the payee's account-
--1830 to 1831TypeType of PaymentOrder0 - PIX
1 - TED
2 - Internal

Types Of Payment Order

PIX - This type of payment order generates a Pix transaction, sending money to the beneficiary informed in the file through the taxnumber and pixkey (or banks).

TED - This type of payment order generates a MoneyTransfer (TED) transaction, sending money to the beneficiary informed in the file through the taxnumber and banks.

Internal - This type of payment order generates an Internal transaction, sending money to an account configured by Fitbank.

  • If the field Type is not in the file, the Type 2 (internal) will be considered - Default is Type 2_
  • The date cannot be earlier than the date the file was sent