3 - Canceling

Cancelling a collection order

The Collection Order client may, at any time, request the cancellation of an issued Collection Order.

Important: The cancellation request will be refused when the collection order is in the following statuses: Pre-canceled, Cancelled, Error Balance, Error or Settled.

API Method = CancelCollectionOrder

  "Method": "CancelCollectionOrder",
  "PartnerId": 30770,
  "BusinessUnitId": 61847,
  "DocumentNumber": 10247


MethodName of the method to be usedYESSTRINGNone
PartnerIdPartner identifier provided by FitBankYESBIGINTNone
BusinessUnitIdBusiness unit identifier provided by FitBankYESBIGINTNone
DocumentNumberOperation document numberYESINTEGERNone

Successful Response:

  "Success": "true",
  "Message": "ISI0499 - Collection order canceled"

Failure Response:

  "Success": "false",
  "Message": "EXC0016 - Status not allowed"

Collection order status:

StatusStatus DescriptionTypeDescription
0CreatedSTRING (TEXT)The Collection Order was created
1PreAuthorizedSTRING (TEXT)The Collection Order was pre-authorized and the collection was generated
2AnalysingSTRING (TEXT)Payer under review in KYC process
3AuthorizedSTRING (TEXT)Payer Approved in KYC
6RegisteredSTRING (TEXT)The Collection was registered
8CanceledSTRING (TEXT)EXC0004 - Payer failed during the KYC process
EXC0005 - Invalid billing email address
EXC0006 - Collection has expired and payment has not been made
EXC0007 - Divergent data between Payer and Settlement
EXC0011 - Balance insufficient for fee collection
EXC0012 - Payer failed in the validation process
EXC0013 - Manual Cancellation
INF0008- Is a qualified person, you must send a Collection Order again, with the data { Name, Email, Phone, Country, Nationality, Occupation, ...}
9SettledSTRING (TEXT)Completed Billing Order (payment settled)
11Awaiting PaymentSTRING (TEXT)Awaiting Payment
12ErrorSTRING (TEXT)EXC0008 - Internal Processing Error
15Canceled-RefundSTRING (TEXT)INF0010 - Amount refunded. Divergent data between Payer and Settlement
INF0014 - Receiver Account Validation Failed
INF0016 - Amount refunded. Payer is a qualified person.
INF0017 - Amount refunded. Payer screening has failed during the KYC process