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Search for Collection Order


API Method = GetCollectionOrder

Through this method, the customer can check the billing requests through the Document Number we will inform the user after the success of the billing requests (Document Number) or by the Identifier applied by the customer (Identifier).

  "method": "GetCollectionOrder",
  "partnerId": 147,
  "businessUnitId": 205,
  "documentNumber": null,
  "identifier": null


MethodName of the method to be usedYESSTRINGNone
PartnerIdPartner identifier provided by FitBankYESBIGINTNone
BusinessUnitIdBusiness unit identifier provided by FitBankYESBIGINTNone
DocumentNumberOperation document numberNOINTEGERNone
IdentifierID referenceNOSTRINGNone

Json return from GetCollectionOrder, for Collection Orders generated with CollectionOrderType: PixQrCodeDinamicDueDate = 0 or PixQrCodeDinamic=3:

    "Success": "true",
    "CollectionOrder": {
        "QrCode": {
            "Image": "null",
            "EndToEndPixIn": "b5f90bc6-c7f4-4457-900b-526cd388edb0",
            "EndToEndRefundPixIn": "null"
        "CollectionOrderType": 0,
        "DocumentNumber": 635,
        "Identifier": "co-c37b5c00-05f2-4119-b368-6f775cd2fbbb",
        "Reason": null,
        "Status": "11",
        "StatusDescription": "AwaitingPayment",
        "PrincipalValue": 0.05,
        "PaymentValue": null,
        "PaymentDate": null,
        "RefundDate": null,
        "RefundValue": 0.05,      
	"Payer": {
	   	"Name":"Alan Martins",
       "AccountInfo": {
        "TaxNumber": "84933904700",
        "Bank": "237",
        "BankBranch": "0011",
        "BankAccount": "6066452",
        "BankAccountDigit": "2"
         "Customer": {
            "CustomerName": "Reinaldo Soares",
            "CustomerTaxNumber": "73510906020"
        "Receivers": [
                "ReceiverName": "Name",
                "ReceiverTaxNumber": "09807047072"
                "ReceiverName": "Namele",
                "ReceiverTaxNumber": "05838788305"


QrCodeObject concerning QRCode's infoOBJECTNone
HashCodeIdentification code (copy and paste)STRINGBase64 format
ImageQR Code imageSTRINGBase64 format
EndToEndPixInPIX credit identifier provided by the Central BankSTRINGNone
EndToEndRefundPixInPIX refund identifier provided by the Central BankSTRINGNone
CollectionOrderTypeCollection order’s typeINTPixQrCodeDinamicDueDate = 0
Boleto = 1
BoletoPixQRCode = 2
PixQRCodeDinamic = 3
DocumentNumberOperation document numberSTRINGNone
IdentifierID referenceSTRINGNone
ReasonCancellation reasonSTRINGIt will only be sent when the operation is in Canceled status
StatusOperation StatusSTRINGNone
StatusDescriptionOperation status descriptionSTRINGStatus of the Collection Order
PrincipalValueCollection order's amountSTRINGNone
PaymentValuePayment ValueSTRINGNone
PaymentDatePayment dateSTRINGNone
RefundDateRefund DateSTRINGNone
RefundValueRefund ValueSTRINGNone
PayerObject concerning Payer's data-None
NamePayer NameSTRINGNone
TaxNumberPayer's CPF/CNPJSTRINGNone
BankPayer's Bank CodeSTRINGNone
BankBranchPayer's Bank Agency CodeSTRINGNone
BankAccountPayer's Bank AccountSTRINGNone
BankAccountDigitPayer's Bank Account DigitSTRINGNone
CustomerObject concerning customer's dataOBJECTNone
CustomerNameBeneficiary's nameSTRINGNone
CustomerTaxNumberBeneficiary's CPF/CNPJSTRINGNone
ReceiverObject concerning receiver's dataOBJECTNone
ReceiverNameReceiver's nameSTRINGNone
ReceiverTaxNumberReceiver's CPF/CNPJSTRINGNone

Collection order status:

StatusStatus DescriptionTypeDescription
0CreatedSTRING (TEXT)The Collection Order was created
1PreAuthorizedSTRING (TEXT)The Collection Order was pre-authorized and the collection was generated
2AnalysingSTRING (TEXT)Payer under review in KYC process
3AuthorizedSTRING (TEXT)Payer Approved in KYC
6RegisteredSTRING (TEXT)The Collection was registered
8CanceledSTRING (TEXT)EXC0004 - Payer failed during the KYC process
EXC0005 - Invalid billing email address
EXC0006 - Collection has expired and payment has not been made
EXC0007 - Divergent data between Payer and Settlement
EXC0011 - Balance insufficient for fee collection
EXC0012 - Payer failed in the validation process
EXC0013 - Manual Cancellation
INF0008- Is a qualified person, you must send a Collection Order again, with the data { Name, Email, Phone, Country, Nationality, Occupation, ...}
9SettledSTRING (TEXT)Completed Billing Order (payment settled)
11Awaiting PaymentSTRING (TEXT)Awaiting Payment
12ErrorSTRING (TEXT)EXC0008 - Internal Processing Error
15Canceled-RefundSTRING (TEXT)INF0010 - Amount refunded. Divergent data between Payer and Settlement
INF0014 - Receiver Account Validation Failed
INF0016 - Amount refunded. Payer is a qualified person.
INF0017 - Amount refunded. Payer screening has failed during the KYC process