3.3 - Queries

Search by Payment Orders

API Method = GetPaymentOrder

Through this method, the customer is able to query Payment Orders by TaxNumbe, by its Identifier applied by the customer in its emission (Identifier), by its Document Number generated after the successfull emission of the payment order (PaymentOrderId), by its status (PaymentOrderStatus) or by its payment date (PaymentDate).

It is also possible to organize how the search results can be presented, using the Index and PageSize fields.

     "Method": "GetPaymentOrder",
     "PartnerId": 30750,
     "BusinessUnitId": 61799,
     "TaxNumber": "77708946034",
     "PaymentDate": null,
     "PaymentOrderId": null,
     "PaymentOrderStatus": null,
     "Identifier": null,
     "Index": 0,
     "PageSize": 10
  "success": true,
  "paymentOrderList": [
      "PaymentOrderId": 17841525,
      "Name": "Monica Santos",
      "TaxNumber": "77708946034",
      "Status": "Settled",
      "PaymentDate": "2023/06/02",
      "Type": "SPEI",
      "Identifier": "GWi6x30230602783950708790000631",
      "ReasonCode": null


MethodAPI method to be usedYESSTRING
PartnerIdPartner ID provided by FitbankYESINT64
BusinessUnitIdBusiness Unit ID provided by FitbankYESINT64
TaxNumberUser's Social Security NumberNOSTRING
PaymentDateDate of the operationNOSTRING
PaymentOrderIdPayment order identificationNOINT64
PaymentOrderStatusOperation statusNOINTEGER
IdentifierExternal identifierNOSTRING
IndexReference of which page will be accessedNOINTEGER
PageSizeNumber of results that will be displayed on the same pageNOINTEGER

In addition to the required fields, it is necessary to inform some transaction data in order to obtain a result.

Json return from GetPaymentOrder

PaymentOrderIdPayment order identificationNoneLONG (NUMBER)
NameBeneficiary's nameNoneSTRING (TEXT)
TaxNumberUser's Social Security NumberNoneSTRING (TEXT)
StatusOperation statusNoneSTRING (TEXT)
PaymentDateDate of operationNoneSTRING (TEXT)
TypeOperation typeNoneSTRING (TEXT)
IdentifierExternal identifierNoneSTRING (TEXT)
ReasonCodeReason for canceling the payment orderIf the payment order is not canceled it will appear as nullSTRING (TEXT)

PaymentOrder Status

0CreatedCreated Payment Order
2SettledPayment concluded either by PIX or TED
3CanceledCancel reason description
4RegisteredRegistered after transaction validations
6ErrorProcess failed

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